Démann Method Emo-Behavioural Analysis

 Dr Ueli Kramer

Laureate of the AEMD Marina Picasso Prize 2019


Démann Method Emo-Behavioural Analysis

Dr Ueli Kramer

Laureate of the AEMD Marina Picasso 2019 Prize

PRESS RELEASE – April 2019 –


Dr Ueli Kramer from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland – department of Biology and Medicine – was awarded the AEMD Marina Picasso Prize 2019. He received his honour on April 5th 2019 in Hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva for his project: « Emotional change: the « Holy Grail » for integration in psychotherapy? ».

Marina Picasso supports and sponsors generously the AEMD Foundation, she has enabled the creation of this Prize in 2018, whose total yearly donations reach CHF 50,000 including additional fundings for previous nominated candidates.

This second edition aimed to help university lecturers or practitioners whose studies prove significant therapeutic progress. The mission of the jury was to reward years of new clinical tools development as well as support innovative practical projects focused on emotion management.

Approximately 40 applications were studied by a jury composed of the board members of the Foundation and the practicing AEMD therapists.

Besides Dr Ueli Kramer, the two other selected nominees were:

  • Sanaâ BelayachiPhD of the University of Liège, Belgium, in collaboration with Martial Van der Linden, retired Professor of The University of Geneva. Her project focuses on the change into pathogenic mechanisms observed in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) within the clinic, and aims to improve the assessment and the treatment of patients suffering from psychic disorders.
  • Damien GabrielPhD in Cognitive Sciences at the University Hospital of Besançon, France, and developer of the Axone brain imaging platform. His research project is centred on the development of a brain-controlled artistic emotion management device, designed for adults and teenagers.

They were both given an honourable mention and a funding.

Seven years after its creation, the Swiss AEMD Association was recognised as a public-interest organization under the Swiss law and became a FoundationThe French AEMD Association (Non-Profit Organizations Law of 1901) was created in January 2016. Their mission is to finance sessions to low-income patients, introduce the Method, train new practitioners and organise supervisions.